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electronic, electrical & industrial

Cable Assemblies:

cable tie, stainless steel cable tie, PVC coated stainless steel cable tie, cable gland, brass cable gland, cable clip, cable conduits, conduit fittings, wiring ducts, trunking, PVC shrinkable tube and sleeve, cable terminals and lugs, cable marker, expansion plug, cable and wire connector, cable clamp, tie mount, spiral wrapping band, terminal block. cable crimping tools. and etc... ..

Telecom Cable Assemblies:

Feeder clamp/ cable clamp, Hanger, Grommet, Gel Seal Closure/Weather Shield Enclosure, Grounding kits, Grounding Enclosure, Cable entry/Wall entry, Grounding bar, RF connector, RF Jumper cable, optical fiber cable

Industrial Automation:

relay, time relay, solid state relay, PCB relay, general purpose relay, electronic timing relay, power relay, relay sockets. sensor: proximity sensor, inductive sensor, capacitive sensor, photoelectric switch, counter, programmable timing switch, switching power supply, pushbutton switch, and etc... ...

Low-voltage Apparatus:

Australian Electrical Products, AS/NZ standard products.

circuit breaker, MCB, RCCB, RCBO, MCCB, isolator, isolating switch, distribution box. contactor. thermal overload relay, and etc... ...

Measurement and Meter:  (

digital multimeter, clamp meter, anemometer, dew point meter, dewpoint meter, tachometer, moisture tester, moisture meter, humidity meter, light/lux meter, sound level meter, stroboscope, thickness gauge, coating thickness tester, infrared thermometer, temperature meter, vibration meter, range finder, process calibrator, metal detector, gas detector, halogen leak detector, shore hardness tester, surface roughness tester, electronic scale, tire pressure gauge, angle meter, alcohol tester, gloss meter, window tint meter, PH meter, bench top PH meter, soil PH meter, ORP meter, TDS meter, conductivity meter, PH electrode, magnetic stirrer, water hardness tester, salinity tester, refractometer, polarimeter, and etc... ...

Automotive Digital Diagnostic Tools, Automotive Diagnostic Equipment, Auto Maintenance Tools, automotive sensor simulator & tester, automotive diagnostic scanner based-on PC, automotive supper scanner, automobile test instrument and etc... ...

oscilloscope, signal generator, function generator, frequency counter, DC power supply and etc...

cutting tools (

Metal Working:

drill bit, twist drill, DIN drills, Jobber length drills, HSS drills, cobalt drills, carbide drill, center drill, taps and dies, screw tap, thread tap, screw dies, rotary files, rotary burrs, step drill, reamer, end mills, hole saw, hole saw kit, carbide hole saw, etc... ...

Wood Working:

auger bit, wood drill, brad point drill, forstner bit, plug cutterand, etc... ...

Masonry Working:

hammer drill bit, electric hammer drill, masonry drill bit, etc... ...

Measure Tools:

vernier caliper, dial caliper, digital caliper, height gauge, depth gauge, micrometers. and etc...

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